by Dirty Paris

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Song by Thomas LaFond
Produced by Dmitriy Bolotny

Thomas LaFond: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums
Dmitriy Bolotny: Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Duffy: Bass
Meara Mctague: Vocals

Ishtar the feesh by Corrina Goutos

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This city’s a crater, a bomb went off
The money lit up and wandered away
We spent our winter at ferry and front
and I looked to you like the light of day

Alice’s hair smells of the cold
The heater is broke the pipes are froze
The slum-lord refuses to fix the leak
or speak in a reasonable tone

Leaving behind Schenectady, glaciers, & bones
and Into the space age
Set the Controls to synthesize soul
Where have i been in the first place?

The mohawk will freeze and scatter now
Throw itself upon the banks
I never heard it gasp for breath
patiently finding its way

Now, with all of our bodies spent
we live on through the sunset
When they come to claim their debt
we'll have to take to the breeze

Leaving behind Schenectady, glaciers, & bones
and Into the space age
The bomb’s in the backyard
The Kings and the slack-jawed
All sing the same in the same way

More of the same, with every last scribbled up page
Losing the new Reins
Set the controls to synthesize soul
Where have i been...... in the first place?


released December 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Thomas LaFond Albany, New York

My Name is Thomas LaFond. I love to write songs and record them. I play guitar and sing with Dirty Paris & the Sunny Side Of The Street Band. I love traveling, playing on the street, meeting people, & sharing stories and music.

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