Red Square! 8​/​30​/​12

by Fat Cats In The Aquarium

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Our First Albany Show!!!!!

Dylan Perillio: Upright
Thomas LaFond: Guitar And Vocals
Kalyn Pembridge: Vocals
Adam Siegel: Alto Sax
Rob Morrison: Tablas & Suitcase


released August 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Thomas LaFond Albany, New York

My Name is Thomas LaFond. I love to write songs and record them. I play guitar and sing with Dirty Paris & the Sunny Side Of The Street Band. I love traveling, playing on the street, meeting people, & sharing stories and music.

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Track Name: Minor Swing
( Instrumental)
Track Name: To The Moon!
What could make you tangle your heartache
up within my stormy brain
lend me a reason to leave here
couldn't find a reason to stay
everything is shifting in purpose
tangles up and drifts away
attention sometimes makes me nervous
it kind of really matters how it tastes

What do you do when the night becomes the morning
your’e still out there telling stories to the moon!
it ain’t what you think
hell it isn’t what you do
i’m all over the place because of you

Let me play a tune on your heartstrings
slowly bend them to sing
we could ignore all the truth brings
and be moving on to finer things
every time were syncing our heart beats
that first bit of daylight we see
my falling asleep at the wheel isn’t reall
because it really only happens in my dreams

Tell me when your love seems removed from
all the expectations and dreams
lend that ol’ oar to whomever will row now
hope they don’t drift you off to see
we descend from burning parachutes
pretending like we've taken flight
once that we have all jumped the boat
well know that it was right!
Track Name: Sunlight In Rain (Open Water)
Where in the world do you find all this energy?
We meet at indifference where everything is
How it seems to spread out like orchids across the the sheet sky
Where the sun makes a path for the moon to get by

Sunlight in heavy rain
No distance from dreaming night
It put itself upon us now so carefully we didn’t try
To capsize the vessel or stoop to their level
Lately i’ve been looking out into a limitless sky

Out in open waters
Where has it gone now?
Up in the attic
Sing like a bird on a spit
I Swallow my panic
I’m not losing you out in the mist

I have fell victim to a series of accidents
My intentions will vanish like fair weather friends
This wound makes the rest feel like sweetness
We’ll meet like sirens and get lost in the frequency

The key is always in between the places i have yet to be
I’ll meet the one i’ve always been, but introduced internally
Mind over anguish instead of retreating
Seems fine to me now, but we all know that feeling.

Out in open waters
where has it gone now?
up in the attic
sing like a bird on a spit
swallow my panic
I’m not losing you out in the mist